Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Movieclip/Sprite Class

Altight! That was quite a pause. Now moving on. This time it's about the main classes that drives your animation in AS3 (ActionScript Version 3). Yeah, as the heading says, they are the ones. It's the Movieclip and Sprite classes. So far, with what I 've learnt; you gotta end up extending one of these classes in any animation that you create in AS3, meaning you simply can't create an animation in AS3 without these classes. As simple as that!

The Sprite class is a template to create your own diagrams and control it's properties and behaviours and so does the MovieClip class except the fact that you cannot create a movie clip rather you can only use an existing movie clip and play with its properties. In other words Sprite is almost similar to a Movieclip but without a timeline.

Well, that's the way I put it in simple terms. And that being said, every property associated with either of these classes can be obtained and applied in any of your classes just by extending the classes you need!

I know that's just theory :-) but don worry, we will get into practicals real soon!!